Action Plan for the conservation of biodiversity in CAR

After ratifying the Convention on Biological Diversity in March 1995, the Central African Republic, like the other signatory countries of the Rio de Janeiro Convention in 1992, drew up the National Plan for the Conservation and Management of Biodiversity. This document will be supplemented by a budget, program and project sheets, a financing and resource mobilization plan.

It is available in different shapes. The entire document is available entirely in pdf (816 kb) and partially in html.


HTML-Document 1. Preamble
HTML-Document   2. Introduction of the Action Plan
PDF Action Plan for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the CAR (entire document in PDF) Download
HTML-Document 3. Organization and conduct of work
HTML-Document 4. Participation analysis
HTML-Document 5. Situation analysis
HTML-Document 6. Analysis of the parties concerned
HTML-Document 7. Problem Analysis
PDF 8. Project planning (pdf file) Download
PDF 9. Appendices: Project sheets (pdf file) Download