5. Situation analysis

Release date 06/21/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo

To lay the foundations for a fruitful discussion on the analysis of the situation, two interventions were made in plenary. Mr. Jacques Paulin REGNER, National Consultant of the Project retraced the genesis of the Project as well as the main lines of the Agreement while Mr. Gustave DOUNGOUBE, Co-Moderator, made an exhaustive presentation on the results of the work of the field team obtained thanks to the MARP.

During his presentation, Mr DOUNGOUBE Gustave successively presented the situation of flora, terrestrial and aquatic fauna, agrobiodiversity affecting food, industrial and animal production as well and finally the matrix composed of Equitable Sharing of Benefits resulting from the exploitation of biological resources.

All of the presentations elicited questions for clarification and input from participants; all the questions should be asked during committee work, in order to save time.