7. Problem Analysis

Release date 06/21/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo


The presentation of the situation of biological diversity highlights problems the extent is a function of the methods of sampling and technologies used, the way of life of the stakeholders and especially their perception of biodiversity in particular and natural resources in general .

The problems were not identified during the Seminar but during the formulation of action strategies. However, recalling them in the context of this report will make it possible to better appreciate the results and the activities proposed. The issues have been identified based on the type of biological resource and how the benefits from their exploitation are shared. Each type of resource corresponds to a central problem with certain cross-cutting causes and consequences. There are structural, intermediate and immediate causes. Some consequences are related while others are isolated.

With regard to biological diversity, eight (8) central problems have been identified, which are:

  • Loss of plant resources;
  • Reduction of fauna;
  • Local domestic animal species are threatened;
  • Loss of varieties of agrobiodiversity;
  • Biotechnology risks ignored;
  • Inequitable distribution of biodiversity benefits;
  • Biological resources wasted; and
  • Degradation of wetlands.

For all the problems, an overall objective was proposed, and for each type of problem, solutions (actions) were also proposed, expected results and proposed activities. All these elements can be found in the synoptic planning table below.