6. Analysis of the parties concerned

Release date 06/21/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo


During various presentations made by the Principal National Consultant and the co-Moderator, no action plan in terms of biodiversity conservation concerns more than one actor. Those concerned come from various social strata and socio-professional backgrounds.

They range from populations in general, farmers, hunters, fishermen, breeders, industrial beekeepers (SOCOCA, COCECOT, SOGESCA, CENTRAPALM, etc.), groups, cooperatives, administrations, actors of the liberal profession, men, women, young, old, indigenous populations (Ba AKA), breeders, farmers, hunters, fishermen, etc….

Some actors intervene either directly (rural populations, hunters, farmers, hunters, fishermen, traditional healers) or indirectly on biodiversity resources (traders, wealthy landowners, politicians, decision-makers, etc.).

The pressures exerted by the categories of stakeholders mentioned above through multifaceted pressures have generated problems which are analyzed below.