Terrestrial ecosystems: states and problems

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upload date Nov 20, 2014
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo
Release date 06/28/2006

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This document, written by Mr. MBONGO Bertin-Hilaire , is part of the “national strategy and action plan for biological diversity” project. It consists of defining the major types of Central African terrestrial ecosystems. This report is essentially bibliographical and is intended to serve as a decision-making tool in the field of the protection and enhancement of terrestrial biological diversity.

The data that made it possible to produce this report are quite old, they must necessarily be updated. In order to preserve and improve the diversity of ecosystems, appropriate strategies should be put in place. These strategies must be based on the following principles: the search for ways of sustainable economic development must be linked to respect for the environment. Intra and intergenerational equity in the enjoyment of biodiversity. Valorization of ancestral practices and environmental education of the population. These strategies go through the preservation of natural landscapes, thus the CAR will have to increase the extent of protected areas to 15% of its territory in 2005. In situ preservation remains of course the best, but in the opposite case, ex situ preservation is necessary with a view to reintroducing the species into their environment. In order to inventory biodiversity and set up a gene bank, partnerships must be sought. Finally, for more effective protection, an environmental impact study should be required as a prerequisite for all development projects.