Development Strategy and Action Plan for the promotion of urban and peri-urban forestry in the city of Bangui

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upload date Nov 20, 2014
Contributor Christophe NDARATA MASSANGUET
Geographical coverage Central African Republic,
Keywords Biodiversity, environment, forest, wood, energy, desertification, climate change,
Release date 04/23/2012

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On the threshold of this third millennium, the world's population has changed from predominantly rural to predominantly urban, a trend that will continue. Unfortunately, this situation has too often been accompanied by a marked deterioration of tree and forest resources in and near cities. In general, the rapid expansion of cities has taken place without the development of real territorial planning strategies to respond to such growth. The problem experienced in the Central African Republic and, in particular, in the capital Bangui, is becoming more complicated. Promote a green environment for these cities, paying particular attention to the link between cities, forests, water,