Capacity building in phytotaxonomy in the Central African Republic: creation of a national herbarium

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upload date Nov 20, 2014
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo
Release date 06/26/2006

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The Central African Republic is quite rich in natural habitats including animal and plant species. Scientifically, this biodiversity is very poorly known. The study and collection of plants are fundamental and indispensable to the knowledge of biodiversity. Floristic data on the country is sparse and existing plant collections are poorly maintained. In the Central African Republic, there is not yet a national herbarium that can serve as a reference centre. Capacity building through the establishment of an adequate phytotaxonomy framework is the goal of this project. Project activities will focus on botanical inventories, species identification, compilation of country plant lists, collecting expeditions, computerization of the herbarium, support in the training of staff working in the herbarium, production of electronic and printed publications. Its target groups are, on the one hand, the specialists in plant sciences who contribute to setting up the project, and on the other hand the actors involved in issues of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.