African Convention on the Conservatin of Nature and Natural Resources

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upload date Nov 20, 2014
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo
Release date 06/22/2006

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The Heads of Member States of the African Union aware, among others, of:

  • that the natural environment of Africa and the natural resources with which it is endowed are an irreplaceable part of the African heritage and constitute a capital of vital importance for the continent and for all humanity; and
  • the need to continue to promote the principles contained in the Stockholm Declaration, to contribute to the implementation of the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21, and to cooperate closely in the implementation of global and regional instruments consistent with these objectives;

have adopted the  African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources which aims to:

  1. improve environmental protection;
  2. promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources;
  3. harmonize and coordinate policies in these areas with a view to establishing development policies and programs that are environmentally sound, economically sound and socially acceptable.