Forestry and Wildlife Research Support Project (PARFF) initiated in 1982 by French cooperation and implemented by CIRAD. This project, which is now co-financed by the Central African State via the Special Allocation Account-Forest Development (CAS-DF), has made it possible to create study systems on

Logging Monitoring Support Project (PASEF) was funded by the NGO World Resources Institute (WRI) and implemented until 2010. This project, which has already term, has made it possible to monitor logging in the PEA using satellite imagery and to produce an interactive atlas of the forest sector

The project "Strengthening food security in Central Africa through the sustainable management of non-timber forest products (NTFP)" aims to reduce poverty and the sustainable management of Non-Timber Forest Products in Central Africa in general and in Gabon, in particular. Republic of Congo and the

The ECOFAUNE project, whose agreement has been signed between the European Union and the CAR, will soon see the light of day after the imminent signing of the start-up budget. This project only takes into account the North-East of the CAR.

Livestock Development and Rangeland Management Project (PDEGP) financed by the WB between 1995 and 1998.

Bouca Region Development Project (PDRB) financed by IFAD between 1991 and 1999 and implemented in the sub-prefecture of Bouca. It financed integrated rural development activities