Congo Freshwater

In the Central African Republic, two freshwater ecosystems can be found, namely the Sangha River and the Oubangi Congo. The Sangha river connects to the larger Congo river which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Within the river, various freshwater fish and plants thrive which feed larger land animals such as birds and mammals. This is an important water source for both the Congo river and the animals living in the forests surrounding the river. The Oubangi Congo region creates floodplain and wetland habitats that runs through the southern region of the country. Plants living in these waters are an example of transitioning between Congolian and Nilo Sudanian freshwater plants. Additionally, 5 species of turtles and 3 species of crocodiles rely on these waters for survival. One crocodile, the Osteolaemus tetraspis is endemic to the area.

Central African Republic