An important habitat within the Nilo-Sudan freshwater ecoregion is the Lake Chad Basin. This habitat is surrounded by desert and arid lands and does not drain into the ocean. Animals living here include the dama gazelle, red-fronted gazelle, elephants, lions, giraffes, and black-crowned cranes. The

In the Central African Republic, two freshwater ecosystems can be found, namely the Sangha River and the Oubangi Congo. The Sangha river connects to the larger Congo river which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Within the river, various freshwater fish and plants thrive which feed larger land

Grassland and savanna habitats are more arid than the forest lands, and therefore do not harbor as many trees. These ecological regions are filled with grasses, shrubs, and other herbaceous plants. The lack of trees does not, however, mean there is a lack of flora and fauna. In the Central African

Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests are often more simply referred to as "jungles". They are characterized by a hot, humid climate. The seven different forests that lie within the Central African Republic are located in the mountains, lowlands, swamps, and one stretches across several