Location of protected areas

Release date 06/22/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo


Protected areas in the Central African Republic cover approximately 70,000 km² (1999), or 11% of the total area of ​​the country. The majority of them are located in the zone of hunting interest which currently extends over the North-East and South-West parts of the national territory.


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Several types of protected areas can be defined from the map drawn up by Yves BOULVERT in 1985 and that drawn up by Jean-Paul THOMASSEL in 1998. Each of these types of environment corresponds to specific plant and animal communities. From the North-East to the South-West of the country, we can distinguish:

  •   4 national parks: 1.André-Félix; 2.Manovo-Gounda Saint Floris; 3 Bamingui-Bangoran; 4.Zdanga-Ndoki
  •   1 presidential park;
  •   1 biosphere reserve;
  •   2 integral nature reserves;
  •   7 wildlife reserves;
  •   2 special reserves; and
  •   hunting sectors leased to safari companies.

One could also cite in these categories the hunting sectors leased to safari companies, of which there are 73.