European Commission in the Central African Republic

Release date 06/22/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo
Geographical coverage Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea
Keywords Projects, Biodiversity, Conservation, Financial support

The European Union delegation intervenes in the CAR through several projects in support of the priority sectors defined jointly between it and the Government. In the field of biological diversity, support is provided within the framework of the European Fund for Development (EDF) and in particular its 3rd sector of concentration entitled:  "Sustainable management of renewable natural resources and conservation of biodiversity of ecosystems" . To this end, four (4) major sub-regional projects are underway:

  1. the Central African Forest Ecosystem program (ECOFAC)
  2. Development of Alternatives to Poaching in Central Africa (DABAC)
  3.  the Pan-African Program for the Fight Against Epizootics (PACE) and
  4. the reinforcement program of the African Research Center on banana trees and plantins.