CBD Clearinghouse Focal Point

Release date 06/22/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo

The Focal Point of the CHM was designated by Ministerial Order No., it is:

 Mr. Bob Félicien KONZI-SARAMBO
Assistant in Science and Environmental Management
Tel.: (+236) 50 65 00
E-mail: bkonzi @hotmail.com or bob_konzi [at] yahoo.com
Institution: Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bangui, Department of Natural Sciences PO
Box: 908 Bangui, Rép. Central African.

What is the CHM or Clearing House?

The term "Clearing House" referred to in Article 18.3 of the CBD is the translation of the English "Clearing House Mechanism". The CHM is a mechanism or means that facilitates and simplifies exchanges between Parties. It is based on NICT (Web) and designed to promote and facilitate scientific, technical and technological cooperation with a view to achieving the three objectives of the CBD.

The CHM plays an important role in raising public awareness. It provides a wealth of online data covering:

  • CBD (reports, meetings, correspondents);
  • The actors involved;
  • Thematic work programs;
  • Reference publications; and
  • access to other biodiversity websites

In CAR, the implementation of the Exchange Center is the result of the partnership developed with Belgium since the year 2OOO. The CHM – RCA is managed by the Focal Point assisted by institutional partners, all under the supervision of the CDB National Focal Point. The mandate of the CAR Clearing House is to:

  •  Collect and upload relevant data on the country's biodiversity;
  •  Widely disseminate information on biodiversity;
  •  Inform, educate and train actors on the methods and the need for conservation, the sustainable use of biodiversity and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits resulting from the use of its elements;
  •  Provide researchers and decision-makers with useful information for the sustainable management of biodiversity; etc