Biosphere Reserve and Special Reserves

Release date 06/22/2006
Contributor Bob Konzi Sarambo


The Lower Lobaye Biosphere Reserve

The Lower Lobaye Biosphere Reserve has an unclear status considered as a biotope created in 1977 with an area of ​​146 km², located in the Lobaye Prefecture in the south of the country. The environment is characterized by the presence of a few species but which are under zoogeographical study.

Partner in cooperation : UNESCO

Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve

It is a special reserve with multiple vocations. Its creation dates back to 1990 by Law No. 90.0180 of December 29, 1990. It covers an area of ​​313,900 ha and is located in the Prefecture of Sangha-Mbaéré in the south-west of the country.

It is one of the last protected areas to have been established in Central Africa. Its status inaugurates a new type of conception of the management of protected areas that is still not very widespread in the region. In addition to the primary vocation of protection, it includes five zones corresponding to five different vocations: 

  • safari-hunting;
  • community hunting;
  • lumbering ;
  • rural development ; and
  • game meat production farm.

In terms of fauna, this dense humid forest reserve has the characteristics of the forests of the Congo block and the Democratic Congo. The fauna is rich and diversified where we note the presence of species such as the lowland gorilla, the chimpanzee, various cercopithecus, the forest elephant, the bongo, the sitatunga, the bushbuck, various pangolins and the procession usual for many birds in this type of environment.

Partners in cooperation: WWF / WCS / IUCN

The Vassako-Bolo Integral Reserve (860 km2), created in 1960 and located in the heart of the Bamingui-Bangoran National Park (PNBB).